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We work with organisations, from global brands and local governments, to independent retailers and non-profits who are investing in creating cleaner, healthier environments by proactively supporting initiatives that reduce litter, waste and pollution, and tackle the problem at source.

Why partner with us?

Address the litter problem through innovative technology, education and behavioural science.

Support the transition to a circular economy by promoting recycling and innovative products, components and materials.

Access our global repository of waste-related data to help stakeholders further address the issue where it’s needed most.

Educate the public about the impact of litter on the environment and wildlife.

Incentivise and reward socially responsible behaviour around the world.

Promote and encourage the general public to dispose of their waste responsibly.

We'd love to work with you!

Brand & Product Partners

We work closely with the brands who are most impacted by litter and waste, to try and tackle the problem at source.

Retailers & Hospitality

By working with retailers across our high streets, we're able to reach as many people as we can, to create a litter-free world!

Corporate Partnerships

We can't solve litter alone. We need to work closely with our corporate partners to create lasting change around the globe.

Councils & Governments

We're working with public sector organisations around the world on strategies that encourage sustainable behaviour.

Research Collaborations

We work with academics and researchers to help us develop the next generation of behavioural science and research.

Our Supporters

We're delighted to have a global network of supporters that help us spread the word about the litter problem.

We're looking for funding & investment

We're building a global campaign to eliminate litter and waste, starting with an innovative app to incentivise the public to dispose of their waste responsibly. We've got big ambitions to grow our campaigns globally. To do this, we need to your help.

If you're interested in creating a world free from litter, waste and pollution, we'd love to hear from you!

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